2008 Pics


Margo Hammond & Mike DeFazio


Margo Hammond & Mickey (Serto) Basel


Margo Hammond & Lynette (Gustavson) Stoner


The Book Babes' Guide to a Woman's Reading Pleasures
By Margo Hammond and Ellen Heltzel

By LaVerne Hammond

Saturday, December 20, noon-2 p.m.
Andrea's Gift Shop
2401 60th St., Kenosha

Margo Hammond and her late mother LaVerne Hammond both have books out this fall.

"Between the Covers," The Book Babes' Guide to a Woman's Reading Pleasures, is a book of book recommendations that Margo co-wrote with fellow book critic Ellen Heltzel. It was published by Da Capo Press (part of the Perseus Group) in November.


Sandy (Orth) Siemion & Mickey (Serto) Basel
SJHS Auction
November 8, 2008


Kathy (Ruffolo) Sereno
SJHS Auction
November 8, 2008



Cindy & John Schlater
CYC Sports Banquet
Madrigrano Marina Shores
May 16, 2008

Kay (Kirsch) Sharp & Tim Dow
Kenosha Day Picnic
Largo, Florida
March 15, 2008


Wayne and Beth (Kausalik) Bushonville


Wayne Bushonville and Beth (Kausalik) Miller reunited at our 40th Reunion in June of 2007.  On Saturday, February 2, 2008, we met at the home of John and Julie Capelli in Kenosha for a wedding celebration.


John Capelli, John and Penny Wierzbicki


Wayne Bushonville, Lea Ann (Van der Wall) Wente,
Rick Sereno and Linda (Becker) Holm


Terry Rice and Wayne Bushonville

Beth (Kausalik) Bushonville


Wayne and Beth (Kausalik) Bushonville


Rick and Kathy (Ruffolo) Sereno


Jamie (Gerum) and Dave Bonell


Linda (Becker) Holm, Claudia (Sorensen) Miller and Wayne Bushonville


Terry and Mary (Smestad) Rice

Kathy (Ruffolo) Sereno and John Capelli










Tom Hansen, Jan (Billen) Gorecki and Stan Gorecki
January 19, 2008
Holiday, Florida

January 6, 2008
Bombay Louie's

Kay (Kirsch) and John Sharp


John Miller and Claudia (Sorensen) Miller


Terry (Cisler) Modory, David Houghton, Bob Kaufman and Linda (Becker) Holm

Elaine (Bernacchi) and Dennis Mich


Claudia (Sorensen) and John Miller, Koreen and Dave Houghton
Bob Kaufman and Linda (Becker) Holm