2006 Pics


Jan (Billen) Gorecki and Sharon (Shawler) Regner
Sunnyside Club
October 13, 2006
SJHS Homecoming Parade

Dan Mieczkowski (1966) and Kerry Connelly


Dan Mieczkowski (1966) and Dick Regner


Patti Pooch and Dan Mieczkowski (1966)



Rudy & Sheila (Whiteside) Wiesztort
Wedding Reception
September 16, 2006


Mike Serpe with his Aunt, Ruth Schwartz, and Gov. Jim Doyle
July 31, 2006


Bob Kaufman and Wendy
Holy Rosary Festival
August 12, 2006


Linda (McPhaul) and Dave Sherfinski
Class of 1966 40th Reunion
August 12, 2006

Sandy (Orth) and Jeff Siemion
Class of 1966 40th Reunion
August 12, 2006


Liz and Barb DeMarco
Class of 1966 40th Reunion
August 12, 2006

Jim Dwyer, Sandy (Orth Siemion, Jeff Siemion, Eric Olson and Mike Radigan
Class of 1966 40th Reunion
Morning Motorcycle Ride
August 12, 2006


Rick &Kathy (Ruffolo) Sereno
Anniversary Party
Wiley Hall Parkside Campus
July 29, 2006


Mike Vernezze and Dennis DeBartelo
St. Joe's Golf Outing
July 19, 2006


Marty Hogan with Friend
July 14, 2006


Kathy (Erickson) Zumann and Tom Hansen
Kenosha Yacht Club
July 15, 2006


Bristol Progress Days Parade
July 9, 2006

Kay (Kirsch) Sharp


Koreen Houghton

Linda (Becker) Holm


Dave Judeika
Pete's Place Golf Outing
June 26, 2006