2003 Pics


Tom Hansen and Gale (Dougvillo) Van Landuyt
Sarasota, Florida
November 22, 2003



Thanksgiving Weekend at Joe Koretz' Tavern
October 23, 2003

Sue (Ruffalo) Gaffney



Joe Koretz, Kathy (Ruffolo) Sereno, Sue (Ruffalo) Gaffney,
Rick Sereno and Linda (McPhaul) Sherfinski



Terry (Cisler) Modory, Kay (Kirsch) Sharp and Claudia Sorensen



Kathy (Ruffolo) Sereno, Terry (Cisler) Modory
and Sue (Ruffalo) Gaffney



Sue (Ruffalo) Gaffney and Terry (Cisler) Modory



Kathy (Ruffolo) Sereno, Claudia Sorensen
and Kay (Kirsch) Sharp



Dennis Mich and Joe Koretz



Linda (McPhaul) Sherfinski, Sue (Ruffalo) Gaffney
and Rick Polanski



John Schlater and Kerry Connelly



Kerry Connelly, Kathy (Ruffolo) Sereno, Rick Polanski
and Kay (Kirsch) Sharp


Linda (McPhaul) Sherfinski, Sue (Ruffalo) Gaffney,
John Schlater, Terry (Cisler) Modory, Kerry Connelly, Dennis Mich,
Kathy (Ruffolo) Sereno, Rick Polanski, Joe Koretz and Kay (Kirsch) Sharp



Louise (Juliani) and Gary Oldenburg
Bombay Louie's
December 13, 2003



Bob Kaufman, Mike Serpe and John Ruffolo (Class of 1966)
Bartley House



Laurie and John Celebre
Ray Radigan's
October 31, 2003



Mary Ann DiChristopher with her Daughther and Son
Catherine and Chis Finn
(Submitted Photo)



Terry Aiello and Bill Aiello
Capt. Mike's
September 14, 2003


Ralph McGonegle
Ralph's Corner Tap
September 14, 2003


Tim Henderleiter, Kathy (Ruffolo) Sereno and Kerry Connelly
Cooler Near The Lake
September 5, 2003


Judy & Jim Francois



Stan and Jan (Billen) Gorecki
August 24, 2003


Stan Gorecki, Tom Hansen, Jan (Billen) Gorecki,
Elaine and Dennis Mich
August 24, 2003


Kathy (Muszynski) Janas Ellertson and Gary Ellertson
St. Mary Church Festival
August 17, 2003


Mickey (Serto) and John Basel
Holy Rosary Church Festival
August 17, 2003


Terri and Mike DeFazio
Holy Rosary Church Festival


Dave and Linda (McPhaul) Sherfinski
Holy Rosary Church Festival


Joyce and Mike Flatley
Holy Rosary Church Festival



Marilyn (Matera) Westland, Avis Jurvis and Bobbi (Jurvis) Pfeiffer
Holy Rosary Church Festival


Bristol Progress Days
July 12, 2003

John Sharp and Kay (Kirsch) Sharp


Roger Holm


Linda (Becker) Holm and Kay (Kirsch) Sharp


Terry (Cisler) Modory and Bill Tapper


Linda (Becker) and Roger Holm


Kerry & Geri Connelly's Birthday Party
July 5, 2003


Dennis Halverson and Dennis DeBartelo

Mike and Julie Vernezze

Dennis DeBartelo and Kerry Connelly

Geri and Kerry Connelly

Rick and Kathy (Ruffolo) Sereno

Kerry and Geri Connelly

Dennis DeBartelo and Sue (Ruffalo) Gaffney

Kerry Connelly, Sue (Ruffalo) Gaffney and Mike Vernezze

Rhonda Arries, Geri Connelly and Gerry Lipor

Sue (Ruffalo) Gaffney and Mike Vernezze

Kerry Connelly, Sue (Ruffalo) Gaffney, Kathy (Ruffolo) Sereno and Mike Vernezze

Standing L-R, Dennis Halverson, Mike Vernezze
Seated L-R, Kerry Connelly, Dennis DeBartelo, Sue (Ruffalo) Gaffney
Kathy (Ruffolo) Sereno and Rick Sereno



Sue (Ruffalo) Gaffney and Dennis Halverson

Standing L-R, Mike Vernezze, Kathy (Ruffolo) Sereno
Dennis DeBartelo and Dennis Halverson
Seated L-R, Tom Hansen, Sue (Ruffalo) Gaffney and Kerry Connelly




Greg Leto
August 7, 2003



Stella Borden, Sandy Borden and Karen (Borden) Palma
Karen's Sister and Niece



Andy and Lois Wilson (Dawn's Parents)
Karen (Borden) Palma, Stella Borden (Karen's Niece)
and Tom Hansen


Linda (Becker) Holm's Birthday Party
August 7, 2003

Seated L-R, Ray Meiers, Sharon Jackson, Roger and Linda (Becker) Holm
Standing L-R, Elaine and Dennis Mich, Terry (Cisler) Modory and Bill Tapper, Kay (Kirsch) and John Sharp



Elaine and Dennis Mich



Kay (Kirsch) Sharp, Linda (Becker) Holm, and Terry (Cisler) Modory



Linda (Becker) Holm and Dennis Mich



Terry (Cisler) Modory and Bill Tapper



Marilyn (Matera) Westland
Legal Assistant
August 6, 2003



Debbie (Bradford 1972) and Keith Bosman (Tremper 1967)
St. Peter Church Festival


Sharon (Luebke) and Dick Thomas
St. Peter Church Festival

Ronnie (Renick) Chapleau and her Mother
St. Peter Church Festival

Nancy Ribeiro and Paul Simo
Rumors Lounge



Jim Galowski
Bristol Oaks Country Club

Larry Staves sings "Unchained Melody"
to his Daughter at her wedding in Denver
(Submitted Photo)


Larry Staves works "undercover"
at the Badger game in Madison
(Submitted Photo)


Joe Koretz
Koretz Tavern

Bobbi (Niles) Duczak
Common Grounds


Mike Serpe
Administrative Assistant
Office of the County Executive

Standing L-R, Kathy (Sullivan) Kovacs, Sue (Ruffalo) Gaffney, Linda (McPhaul) Sherfinski
Seated L-R, Kathy (Ruffolo) Sereno, Sandy (Orth) Siemion.
Chilito's Restaurant

Mike and Fred Vernezze
St. Joe's Golf Outing
Bristol Oaks Country Club


Claude Berry & Kerry Connelly
Bristol Oaks Country Club



Kathy (Ruffolo) Sereno at KYC



John Wojtak with his Mother
Mt. Carmel Church Festival




Jerry Demske and Karen (Diener) Taskonis
Mt. Carmel Church Festival



Gail and Tom Smith
Rotary Softball Tournament



Jeane (Greno) Pataska with her Daughter
Rotary Softball Tournament



Dave and Barb (Ricker) Judeika
Mt. Carmel Church Festival


May 21, 2003
Birthday Party

Koreen Houghton and Sharon Jackson


Koreen Houghton and Kay (Kirsch) Sharp

Koreen Houghton, Bob Kaufman and Kay (Kirsch) Sharp


Claudia Sorensen and Bob Kaufman



Dave and Koreen Houghton

Dennis Mich and Elaine (Bernacchi) Mich

Dennis Mich, Elaine (Bernacchi) Mich and Beth (Chubrilo) Zoephel

Kay (Kirsch) Sharp, Dave and Koreen Houghton

Kay (Kirsch) Sharp and Koreen Houghton

Sharon Jackson, Dave Houghton and Terry (Cisler) Modory

Ray Meiers and Sharon Jackson



Koreen Houghton and Sharon Jackson


Bob Kaufman, Elaine (Bernacchi) and Dennis Mich 



Tom Hansen, Elaine (Bernacchi) and Dennis Mich