Mike Serpe


Mike and Deb with Elsa Carmella Johnson
Daughter of Anne (Serpe) and Erik Johnson

Elsa's Cousins Logan and Noah Mercadillo


My last trip to China in 2004. This was in the Venice of the Orient---Zhouzhuang, about one hour west of Shanghai. On any given day, there are artists who come from around the world to Zhouzhuang to draw Double Bridge or other bridges, which connect the town.

I was part of a group of people from the school systems, secondary and post-secondary, that visited their counterparts in our sister County Huairou, and a pic of me and County Magistrate in Huairou of us meeting with local business representatives) and the federal government education representatives in Beijing.







Mike Serpe with his Aunt, Ruth Schwartz,
and Gov. Jim Doyle July 31, 2006