Larry Willems


Larry retired from the Wisconsin DNR as a State Conservation Warden and resides in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.  He is married to Pat and has three children, Amy, Anne and Ben, and five grandchildren.


Larry, Jeff Flesch, Amy & Coleigh Patrick and Ben Willems


Jeff & Anne Flesch, Larry, Amy & Coleigh Patrick, Pat Willems & Ben Willems


Pat & Larry Willems, Amy & Coleigh Patrick


Proud Grandpa with grandson Jax


Jeff & Anne Flesch holding Jax,
Larry's nieces, Ben Willems, Mom Hazel Willems and Amy Patrick


Brother Terry, Class of 1971, Mom Hazel Willems and Larry


Larry, son-in-law Coleigh & daughter Amy and son Ben
with Rhinelander's fictional mascot, The Hodag


Grandson Jax