John Wierzbicki


John and Penny Wierzbicki
40th Wedding Anniversary
August 2014



Here's two photos from my wife Penny's 57th birthday party on January 31st. My eight grandkids are growing up too fast. We're spending a lot of time with them because Penny and I both retired from teaching last June. All three of my kids and their husbands and wife live in the Mukwonago area with us. Take care and God bless... John



Here's the latest photo of my eight (yes, eight) grandkids and my lovely wife Penny.


Here are three recent pictures for you to view. The first one is with my wife Penny and I and my twin daughters/grandkids. The other two show my six grandkids and my son Jon with my daughter Jodi and some of the grandkids. As you can see, I'm extremely blessed. I'm looking forward to going to the reunion and seeing everybody. We won't be eating at the reunion. We have a wedding commitment that is is too important. We'll see you later in the evening.

Take care and God Bless,

John Wierzbicki