Thomas J. Piery

1967-71  St. Norbert College - lived through it!

1971-73  treaded water, lived a bachelors life.

1972-79  worked in factories, '73 met my wife, Vicki, at a party and got married in '74.  We woke up one day in Jan. '75 looked at each other, shook our heads and said something is missing.  Started going to a friend's bible study, reading the bible and we were very, very fortunate that each of us asked Jesus Christ to be our Savior and Lord in March of '75.  That is when life really got interesting!

1979-83  left factory work and went to work at a retail furniture store as a drapery installer, moved into sales.

1983-90  story too long but in '83 the family owners of the store asked me to commit to them and the store and in return they sold me 25% of the stock!!!  I guess I finally knew what I was going to be!!  So I said yes.

1989- adopted our son David!

1990- adopted our daughter (sibling sister) Emily!

1990-97  sold my stock back to the family and went on the road as a manufacturers sales representative - MISSED the family - left the road in '97.

1997-2009  went back into retail with Vicki on our own, a store and warehouse in Baraboo and bought another store and warehouse in Reedsburg in 2005. Economy goes bad in 2007 we closed one store in 2008 and the other store in December of 2009.

2010 - Happily unemployed - nobody wants to higher the elderly - CAN YOU BELIEVE WE ARE ELDERLY???  - Jeff

Short Version

College, factory work, marriage, family, furniture store, furniture manufacturers rep on the road, furniture store, retired!!!




Vicki, son David, daughter Emily and Jeff Piery


Vicki, David & Emily
Two week vacation in UK,  Ireland & Scotland