Cynthia (Grummitt) Flatebo



The first photo is a picture of my husband Pete, my son Ryan, and me.  The next one is of me and Ryan, then one of Pete and me in Barbados and the last of just me here in Arizona. 

We both retired 3 years ago and are snowbirds, living part time in Illinois and Arizona (Scottsdale area). We love to travel and try to spend as much time in AZ as possible.

I want to thank you for all your hard work in setting up the class website.  I think it's fantastic!  It was great to see some photos of former classmates and their families.  It will be great to see everyone again at the reunion.  We had a great class and it looks like we're STILL great!!

Hope to see you at the reunion.  Thanks again, Tom!

Cindy (Grummitt) Flatebo